Masoumeh Mozafari




Masoume Mozaffari -  Born 1958 Tehran Iran




1998. 1-M.S in Art, Azad University, Faculty of Art and Architecture, ( Painting Dept.), 

1988. 2-B.A in Art, Tehran University, Faculty of Fine Arts ( Painting Dept.)

1978. 3-Art diploma in painting, Art School,


Academic Teaching Experiences:

1991. Faculty of Art and Architecture, Azad University, Tehran, since  .

2001. College for Art Educators, Kanoun e Parvaresh e Koudakan va Nojavanan, from 1991 to  .

2002. Faculty of Art and Architecture, Azad University, Tabriz, since  .



 Society of Iranian Painters (SIP).

2005 -2008. As a chairman of border of Society of Iranian Painters 

 The Supreme Councils of Iranian Artist’s Forum  


Professional Activities:

Member of the jury panel of

1-The Future Inscription Line: The Permitted Participating Drawings in Dr Soundozi Drawings Festival. Tehran: Imam Ali Museum, 2007

2008. Municipal Paintings and Drawings Festival. Tehran:  

2009. Iranian Arts Schools Festival. Kermanshah (Iran): 

2009. Drawings Exhibition. Tehran : Imam Ali Museum ,  

2009. Selected works of New Generation, Homa Gallery,  



1999. M.Mozaffari: How to Teach Painting to Children and Young Adult, Tehran, Kanoon, 1999.

2001. M.Mozaffari: Colour in Painting, Tehran, Ministry of Education, 2001.

2003. “The Love Letter”, Vermeer (Analysis) Herfe Honarmand (Persian Quarterly), 2003.

2004. “7th Biennale is on the Way”, Name ye Honarmandan e Naghash e Iran, No.9, Spring 2004.

2009. “Behind the Door”, Herfe Honarmand (Persian Quarterly), 2009.




2000. "Marc Chagall", Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran,  .

2002. "Pop Art and Andy Warhol", Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran ,  .

2003. "Painting in 20th Century", Faculty of Art, Islamshahr,  .

2004. "Iranian Painting From Safavi Dynasty to Now" City Library, Isfahan,  .

2005. "Contemporary Iranian Women Artists", Krakow, Poland,  .  


Group Exhibition:

1991: Afrand Art Gallery, Tehran.

1994: Azad University, Tehran.

1997: Barg Art Gallery, Tehran.

1998: Arya Art Gallery, Tehran.

1999: The Contemporary Art Museum, Tehran.

1999: Barg Art Gallery, Tehran.

1999: Tarrahan e Azad Art Gallery, Tehran.

2000: Niyavaran Farhang Saraa, Tehran.

2000: Iranian Artists Art Gallery, Tehran.

2001: Tarh o Rang Art Gallery, Tehran.

2001: Croatia Ministry of Culture, Coroatia, Zagreb.

2001: “Dix Femmes Peintres D’Iran” Hotel de Ville de St. Gilles, Bruxelles.

2001: Istanbul, Turkey.

2002: Art Cultural Center & Barg Art Gallery, Tehran.

2002: Tarrahan e Azad Art Gallery, Tehran.

2002: Kuwait, Kuwait.

2002: Elahe Gallery, Tehran.

2002: Laleh Gallery, Tehran.

2002: Zandjan (Dena Group).

2002: Bam, Arg e Djadid, Kerman.

2002: Finland (Dena Group).

2002: Norway (Dena Group)

2002: Evry, France (Dena Group).

2003: Isfahan (Dena Group).

2003: Yazd (Dena Group).

2003: Laleh Gallery, Tehran.

2003: Shafagh Gallery, Tehran.

2003: Baamdaad Gallery, Tehran.

2003: Arya Gallery, Tehran.

2003: China (Dena Group).

2004: Zandjan (Dena Group).

2005: Laleh Gallery, Tehran.

2005: Khak Gallery, Tehran.

2005: Asar Gallery, Tehran.

2005: Ludwig Museum, Germany (Dena Group).

2005: Art Space Gallery, Dubai, UAE (Dena Group).

2006: Krakow, Poland (Dena Group).

2006: Arya Gallery, Tehran.

2006: Asia and Pacific Museum, Warsaw, Poland (Dena Group).

2006: Cultural Foundation, Abu Dhabi, UAE (Dena Group).

2006: The Contemporary Art Museum, Isfahan 

2007: The Contemporary Art Museum, Tehran

2007: Qanat Al Qasba, SHarjah, UAE (Dena Group).

2007: Asar Gallery, Tehran.

2008: The Contemporary Art Museum, Tehran.

2008: Niyavaran Farhang Saraa, Tehran.

2009: The Iranian Forum of Art, Tehran.


Single Exhibition:

1999: Arya Art Gallery, Tehran.

2001: Arya Art Gallery, Tehran.

2004: Momayyez Gallery, Iranian Artists Art Gallery, Tehran.

2010: Mah-e-Mehr Gallery, Tehran.